Hurried update

An Update

It has been a while since I posted an update, or anything for that matter, and for those who actually read this, my apologies.

Life, a new job, life, genealogy research, life, cemetery restoration, and my ProGen class have all combined to keep me from writing as often as I would like, or should.

I mentioned a while back that I was accepted into the ProGen 32 class, and I must say, it has been fun and challenging. A large chunk of what we covered up to this point I have been doing, to some level, naturally only because I am a stickler for details. On the other hand, I have learned a lot over the past four months, including certification, research plans, transcriptions, document research plans, time management (my hardest subject thus far), and developing a locality guide.

Now ProGen is not a class where a teacher grades your assignments, in the stead your fellow students review your work and comment on what they lie and how you might improve your work. In my group there are such wonderful professionals that I have a difficult time locating chinks in their work that I can give advice on. Likewise, I endeavor to provide such work that they have the same difficulty with me.

Beyond the ProGen work I have also been working on a few new lectures and am submitting them to the Texas State Genealogical Society Conference in hopes of being able to give one or more.

I have a few clients I have been researching some small projects for, but the rest of my “historical” time has been working on the Conroe Community Cemetery Research Project; trying to get things moving so a historic black cemetery can be cleaned, restored, preserved, and receive a historical marker.

I will endeavor to keep more posts coming as I am able, and life allows. But until then, keep Hunting Forebears!