Historical Funnies, 6 July 1923

Sometimes it is just fun to read a few historical funnies from the past. The humour of our ancestors can give good insight into their thoughts and ideas of the time. Here are a few from the Conroe Courier in 1923.

In Old Age

“There’s no fool like an old fool.”

“I’ve tried being all the other varieties.”


“Glad I have something to look forward to.”

Almost Like New

Caller – Isn’t that picture one of the old masters?

Mrs. Newrich – I believe so, but my husband had it varnished and framed in a way that makes it look almost as good as new.

Narrow Escape

“The biggest fish got away.”

“That’s what they all say.  I bet if I hooked a big fish I would land him.”

“So would I.  But he didn’t even show up where I was fishing.”

Cause Instead of Cure

“I used to go to the theater just as a tired businessman would.”

“Why did you give it up?”

“I found it was the plays that were making me tired.”

A Suggestion

Wife – We need a new set of dishes dear.  This one is nearly gone.

Hub – Why don’t you wait until we have a new cook and start even?

Might As Well

“Our neighbor has borrowed all our books.”

“Send him over the bookcase.” –

Louisville Courier-Journal


“The fools aren’t all dead yet.”

“No, and the worst of it is most of them aren’t even sick.”

Conroe (Texas) Courier, 6 July 1923, p. 2, col. 2