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History, Our History, is Important

History, Our History, is Important

I write this while hot, sweaty, covered in dirt and sawdust, and soaking wet.  My three year old son is in the same condition, but being this way made me realize how history, our history, is so very important.

The Importance of History

I recently read an article titled, “The Importance of History[1].”  This is a great article that shows how history, while fixed and unchangeable, is subjectively viewed by historians through their own view of their current world.  The facts of history do not change, but the interpretation of the facts can. Continue reading “History, Our History, is Important”

History Ain’t Dead, But You Must Allow It To Live

History is Dead

Several years ago I asked My Lovely Bride what part of history she liked.  She stated she did not like history (GASP!), of course this was while our relationship was still in its infancy.  I then asked her, if she did want to learn more about something in history, what would it be?

After thinking about it for a while she finally said, “The Alamo.” Continue reading “History Ain’t Dead, But You Must Allow It To Live”