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When the records are wrong

Wilford Lucas Busby, Born 1678 in… WHERE?!?!

Wilford Lucas Busby, Born 1678 in… WHERE?!?!

Today I was just fiddle farting around with my wife’s family line and decided to trace her line back through the links provided on Find A Grave.  I was just meandering around this virtual cemetery, clicking on parents of parents, when I came across one of those oddities of time, space, and idiocy. Continue reading “Wilford Lucas Busby, Born 1678 in… WHERE?!?!”

Bad Genealogy Research

Bad genealogy research appears to be popping its ugly head all around lately, in message boards, in conversations, online, and even in lectures.

I was contacted by a distant cousin asking if I knew anything about a Martin Van Buren Edens who had served in the Union army.  I looked in my tree and did not find him, so I looked on Ancestry to see if there was a connection somehow, and there is an apparent connection to my family dating back to the very early 1800s. Continue reading “Bad Genealogy Research”

When Official Records are Wrong

An integral part of genealogical research is the use of historical documents and records developed by governmental agencies.  Actually, they are probably one of the most important parts as the government is seen as a third party, uninvolved observer and documentor of our ancestor’s lives.

But what if they are wrong? Continue reading “When Official Records are Wrong”