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The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) is a guideline for establishing the reliability (“proof”) of a genealogical conclusion with reasonable certainty. It is important within the genealogical community for clearly communicating the quality of research performed, such as by a professional genealogist. It is also useful for helping new genealogists understand what is needed to do high-quality research.

It has five elements:

  • a reasonably exhaustive research;
  • complete and accurate source citations;
  • analysis and correlation of the collected information;
  • resolution of any conflicting evidence; and
  • a soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.
Help with Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS)

Help with Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS)

Isn’t it funny how one insignificant thing can lead to something clever and resourceful?

I received an email from Marc McDermott of the Genealogy Explained website regarding a link on my page to the Board for Certifications of Genealogists, Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS) that was broken. The BCG had redesigned their site a few months back, and for some reason it never occurred to me that my link would become broken from that redesign. I want to thank Marc for pointing it out to me, especially since my Google services missed it. Continue reading “Help with Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS)”

Evidentia Experiment: A New Project

Evidentia Experiment: A New Project

I have been using Evidentia for about two years now, and while I love the program I will admit I am not a power user.  While I was reading several blogs today I came across one on the Evidentia site where Ed Thompson, the creator of the software, decided to start a new project called the Evidentia Experiment.  I decided I am going to do the same thing. Continue reading “Evidentia Experiment: A New Project”

The Dark Side of History – A Response to The Legal Genealogist


In her blog article entitled “The Dark Side[i],” the Judy Russell shows examples from the Mississippi Department of Education List of Educable Children of not only apparent, but blatant racism in the 1927 lists.

She starts out showing an entry in the list where race is listed as “Coloured[ii].” This is followed by a few others that show the children’s race as “Darkies[iii],” “Dark Blotches[iv],” and finally “Black Niggers[v].”

She expressed that these records made her “skin crawl.”  Similar reactions were expressed by others leaving comments on the page. Continue reading “The Dark Side of History – A Response to The Legal Genealogist”