Dedicated to Finding the Facts About Ancestors…

Jon Edens is a retired paramedic that has been performing genealogical research since 1990 and has provided professional research for clients since 2001. In 2011 he joined Unclaimed Persons, a group of volunteers who assist medical examiners, coroners and investigators to locate the next of kin of deceased individuals whose relatives have proven difficult to identify and trace. This began his career in forensic genealogy.

Jon is a graduate of ProGen 32, Mastering Genealogical Proof (Fall 2020), has over 300 hours of genealogy education, and has performed over 250 hours of forensic genealogy research for clients, lawyers, courts, medical examiners, and coroners. He has also lectured at several societies and groups in the Houston Metro area.

Jon is a member of the:

Over the years some of the work Jon has performed includes:

  • Research heirs of a property where the last owner of record died in 1908, prepared a 72 page report and testified in court regarding the heirship.
  • Research and locate the next of kin of a decedent who had been in the morgue for 12 years.
  • Located the biological parents of 23 clients who were adopted.
  • Research a family line and their stories for a family reunion. He presented it as a “Who Do You Think You Are” format allowing the family to visit the places their ancestors lived.
  • Locate the names and burial places of a client’s great grandparents who ended up being buried less than two miles from the client.
  • Locate ancestors allowing clients to join multiple heritage organizations.
  • Disprove family migration histories (my name is German, therefore, I must be of German decent. Nope, your great grandfather changed his name because he was in prison.)
  • Locate living relatives of a land purchase from 1872
  • Discovered a decedent had no living relatives, but was a Cuban revolutionary hero, thus allowing the Cuban community to help claim her.
  • And many others

The lives of our ancestors were not simply the black and white on pages of documents, but full of living, breathing, laughing, and crying events. Jon believes this is the true history that should be relayed.