Below are some of the things clients have said about Jon.

“This [project] is very complex and you have done extraordinary work. Thanks so much!”
~ Barrett R.

“My family loved the information you provided along with the stories you discovered. I never knew my grandfather ran for alderman or that he had a grocery store in his home.”
~ Ellen N

I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided on Mr <<Redacted>>. We were able to contact his estranged brother and he was relieved to be notified.
Your assistance is vital to our office and to families. We appreciate you dedication to these cases.”
~ Angela B.

“Jon has an uncanny eye for detail. Once he gets the scent of something he is like a bloodhound and will not stop until he finds the information he is looking for.”
~ Keith B

“Thank you, Jon, for locating and taking a photo of Edith’s grave. She was a very sweet lady. I only had the chance to meet her once. We discussed family history. She was my second cousin, twice removed.”
~ Marsha G