Jesse W. Steele Death

Mother ‘O Mine – Locating the Parents of Jesse W. Steele

Death of Jesse W. Steele
“Soldier Mangled by I. and G.N. Train,” Houston Post, 13 February 1917, p. 7, col. 1.

“[I]t will be beyond the skies when Jesse W. Steele, private, company G, Third Texas Infantry, kisses the lips of that ‘mother o’ mine,’ for Monday Morning at 11 o’clock he got his summons to appear before the Great General in the final court marshal.”[1]


The newspaper article from the 13 February 1917 Houston Post describes how Jesse Steele, traveling home on a ten day furlough from the army, tried to hop on an International and Great Northern freight train.  In the stead he fell underneath the wheels and was killed.[2]

This raises the question, who was the “mother o’ mine” referenced in the article? Read more… “Mother ‘O Mine – Locating the Parents of Jesse W. Steele”